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We are a medium size Medical Transcription Company doing Transcription for over 16 years. Our Satisfied clients are based in Orlando, Colorado, Kissimmee, Ohio and United Kingdom. PakTranscript develops innovative technologies that provide customers with high quality transcription Flat rates Per Report.

At PakTranscript we are committed to provide value-added services that make our transcription easy to use. Our support team is highly qualified and skilled. Each member is rigorously trained to exceed the expectations of the customer.

PakTranscript envisions the future of technology and market presence, which allows medical facilities to work smarter and faster.

No contracts, no setup fees, and no volume constraints

Less than 24 Hr TAT and Total HIPAA Compliance

A Complete Healthcare BPO

Excellent Customer Service available via phone, chat, and email

Scalable transcription solution using our proven Processes & workflow mgt

Other services such as Medical Billing/coding, EMR support etc

On-Time Delivery of transcribed documents, every time

File retrieval module allowing practices to search for transcribed documents

Audio and document file Backup Service

FTP File Synchronization Service

Easy integration with existing in house system


 There are several mechanisms for tight quality control that are built into our system:

·        Each transcription goes through two levels of quality checks.

·        The overall process is managed by physicians, who control it strictly.

·        Each transcriptionist is experienced, and is trained for specialty-specificity.

·        Upon reviewing the dictation, the physician can upload the corrected document back onto the system.

·        Each transcriptionist reviews all doctor corrections so that the same mistakes never happen twice.

     Commitment To Quality




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