Medical Transcription Companies In Pakistan


Medical Transcription Companies in Pakistan


In this blog we will discuss about Best Medical Transcription Companies in Pakistan and also transcriptionist in Pakistan located in Karachi Lahore Islamabad or anywhere in Pakistan.

Pakistan has ever growing IT industry with BPO (Business Process Outsource), Medical Transcription, Medical Billing & Coding, EHR management, Call Center and many other field of IT.

Today we will focus on Medical Transcription Companies in Pakistan providing transcription services in Karachi Lahore & Islamabad and also medical transcriptionist in Pakistan who are backbone of medical transcripption.  

Who are Medical Transcriptionist ? 

Medical transcriptionist are highly skilled human resource in medical terminology, grammar , typing, and english language understanding.  They listen to voice of physician on audio softwares and then they type voice into words exactly on Word Document, using a template provided by physician office.

Why Clinics and Hospitals prefer Outsourcing Transcription Work to Pakistan?

 Reason is the highly skilled human resource available in Pakistan who have huge experience in Transcribing Medical Reports.   Second Reason the cost effectiveness which I think more important.  The transcription can be done on fraction of a cost in Pakistan in comparison with UK, USA or Australia.

Here is the list of Medical Transcription Companies in Pakistan.


Paktranscript Medical Transcription Company

Paktranscript has vast experience in the field of Medical Transcription and billing coding.   With over 18 years experience, it has clients all over USA, Canada, UK and Australia including Saudi Arabia and UAE.  It has very skilled medical transcriptionist who can do variety of specialist transcription including Cardiology, Radiology, Orthopedist, IME, & Expertwitness.




Office:  Karachi & Lahore



2.  ExcelTranscription Company

Excel Transcription has vast experience in Medical Transcription Especially radiology which includes x-ray, MRI, echocardiogram etc.   It has office situated in gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi.




Office:  Karachi


3. Sybrid MD

Sybrid is among the leading medical transcriptionist companies in Pakistan.  It is a subsidiary of Lakson but a bit expensive.  It has vast experience in medical billing and coding. 


Office: Karachi


4. MTBC:

Located in Islamabad has a vast pool of medical transcriptionist including billing and coding.  It is among top companies of Pakistan.  Hectic environment of Medical Transcriptionist as most of the workers not satisfied in google ratings.


Office:  Rawalpindi

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